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Buy Bulk Kitchen Cleaning Chemicals Online at Wholesale Prices

The kitchen is probably one of the hardest working rooms in a home and definitely in an office or commercial premises where foot traffic is high and many people use all day long for coffee breaks, lunch and food preparation. Commercial kitchens in cafes and restaurants also need to have an extremely high level of hygiene and cleaning to meet council and government standards. For this reason, Multi range offers the right kitchen cleaning products and kitchen cleaning chemicals for several cleaning processes.

Choosing the Right Kitchen Chemicals

Kitchen and food stains can be some of the most difficult to remove like baked on stains, splashes and nuked food inside a microwave, dirty plates and cutlery, lime scale in kettles and coffee and tea stains which tend to get everywhere.  Ovens and grills need regular deep cleans and degreasing so there are a few different products that you need and you can get them easily from Multi Range’s online store.

Multi Range offers effective, tough on stains food dishwashing liquid for both dishwashers and manual washing up. Don’t waste your time by scrubbing and soaking items, just make sure you have chosen a dishwashing detergent which gets to work immediately.

Oven and grill cleaner is also very important. We understand cleaning the grill or oven and cutting through grease can be a really dirty job that’s why Multi Range offers oven degreaser that works quickly and efficiently without harming the user. We also offer general cleaning chemical for those ad-hoc kitchen cleaning jobs.

Shop cost effective cleaning chemicals from Multi Range for huge savings and bulk discounts on wholesale costs!



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