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Roll Hand Towel

Bulk Paper Hand Towels Suppliers – Multi Range

If you require roll hand towels for your business, Multi Range can supply the bulk quantities that you require. As a direct importer of commercial cleaning supplies, we also distribute all of the products that we have to offer. For local businesses that need bulk cleaning products at discount prices, we have the solutions that will meet your needs.

Paper Hand Towels

At Multi Range, our paper hand towel options are available as interleaved hand towels and centre pull hand towels. Our kitchen roll hand towel is available in a 48 roll carton and are designed for cleaning up small messes and can be used in restaurant kitchens. These kitchen roll towels are 2 ply and feature 70 sheets per roll with 48 rolls per carton. If you would prefer to purchase a pallet quantity, we have 20 carton pallets available.

If you are looking for a cheap bulk buy, we also offer Autocut 1 ply roll hand towel. These roll paper hand towels are available in 6 roll cartons and 40 carton pallets.

Wholesale Paper Towels

Multi Range is one of the top paper towel suppliers in Australia. With over 25 years of experience as a direct importer and distributor of bathroom cleaning supplies, we have the quality wholesale products that your business requires. We can deliver your products quickly to any location in Australia including Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and regional Australia.

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If you are looking to purchase roll hand towels in bulk or any other wholesale cleaning supplies, we offer the ability to negotiate pricing so that you can get the inventory that you need at prices that you can afford. Call us on 1300 472 47687 or email us at [email protected] for a pricing quote today.

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