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Get an All Rounder Clear Pallet Wrap from Multi Range

Pallet wrap is a clingy, stretchy plastic film which keeps products and boxes secure and protected when being transported or stored on a pallet. There are a range of pallet wraps available which are in varying thicknesses and color. If you’re choosing it for the first time, it can be hard to know which type to order.

Multi range offer a great ‘all-rounder’ clear plastic wrap which can be used in most warehouse and transport situations.

Toughest and Strongest Pallet Wrap in the Market

Multi range believes the stretch is very important when it comes to plastic pallet wrap! We have chosen to stock cast film pallet wrap for various reasons and benefits. Firstly, the clear and glossy finish makes it easy for warehousemen and foreman to scan barcodes or see delivery dockets. This saves a huge amount of time for delivery drivers and those who are taking the stock.

Cast wrap also makes far less noise than other plastic films. This is a relief if you are working in a warehouse wrapping pallet after pallet every day! It also tends to have a little more stretch than other options. Cast wrap can also come in black, for secure deliveries.

Multi range also offer both hand wrap and machine pallet wrap options.

Choose the Right Pallet Wrap with Multi Range!

Choosing the wrong one or not securing your pallet properly can cause loss of product, time and an accident.  The right stretch pallet wrap needs to stretch and wrap tightly enough around the pallet so that is doesn’t topple, split, or unravel during transit.

If you purchase a poor quality pallet wrap, or one which is not fit for purpose, you may get re-stretch during transit, which means your pallet full of goods works loose in the back of the truck. This can become a very costly mistake and cause a very angry delivery driver!

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