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Wholesale Disposable Gloves for All Industry Needs

All kinds of industries use disposable gloves. Cleaners, beauticians, food service employees, lab and factory workers, they all use disposable gloves to protect themselves and practice good hygiene.

Good workplace safety practice is paramount whichever industry you work in. Our range of PPE and cleaning gloves are designed to protect your employees and customers.

Food Industry Gloves

When buying bulk gloves online for the food industry, the best choice is powder free gloves. Being powder free means no contamination in food processing packing and preparation. Multi range also offer latex free gloves which reduce the risk of irritation and allergies for your employees. These gloves come in different sizes and offers maximum comfort and premium protection for your employees and business.

All Purpose Disposable Gloves

If you are looking for great all-purpose disposable latex gloves then low powder glove is a great go-to. They are durable, comfortable, thin enough to be able to work, yet strong enough to avoid nicks and punctures. The beauty industry in particular purchase low powder latex gloves.

At our online store we have a huge range of PVC gloves, latex gloves, nitrile gloves, vinyl gloves and powder free gloves for all your business needs. If you are in the food industry, waste industry, the lab or a beauty therapist you are likely to use different disposable gloves depending on the task. Buying wholesale disposable gloves in a range of colors can improve the hygiene and safety of your workplace. We are extremely passionate about offering customers high quality products at a great price point. We can deliver up to 40% off with our online wholesale deals.

Check out our range of Multi range disposable gloves now and receive up to 40% competitor pricing!



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