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Vinyl Gloves

Buy Vinyl Disposable Gloves at Wholesale Prices

Vinyl gloves are a popular choice for the cleaning industry and other commercial premises. In fact almost any commercial service suppliers use disposable glove of some type or another. Vinyl gloves are used to protect employees and prevent the spread of germs. For example, your office cleaner will quite likely wear gloves for emptying bins and also when collecting dirty cups and plates. The best vinyl glove is ones which are comfortable, yet resistant to nicks and tears.

Multi range has just about every disposable glove you need that includes, clear vinyl gloves, low powder and powder vinyl gloves for all types of tasks. By purchasing in bulk, you can access great online deals at wholesale prices. It saves your money on a high use item.

Vinyl Gloves for Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is a very high user of gloves. You may not have noticed before, but check your barista at your local coffee shop, they are likely to be wearing clear vinyl gloves powder free. Also when you next stay at a hotel, you will notice housekeeping staff wearing vinyl gloves when cleaning the room and emptying out the trash cans.  The vinyl gloves enable staff to carry out their jobs easily and also tough enough to avoid any cuts, nicks or punctures which can happen during the course of a working shift.

Disposable Vinyl Glove Have Many Uses

Looking for a good all-rounder disposable glove? Look no further than a low powder glove. The high quality vinyl makes them thin enough to stop delay of the job at hand, but they are also easy to put on and take off due to the light powder coating inside the glove.

Low powder vinyl gloves are a great choice for staff that needs to do fiddly or intricate work such as tying up bin bags, or carrying out minor beauty procedures.

Colored disposable gloves are also becoming a popular choice as part of a workplace hygiene program. They can come in a range of colors and staff then uses different gloves for different jobs and tasks. This contains germs and risk of cross contamination, for example; one color for cleaning and another color for carrying out tasks associated with food. Buy a bulk supply of different colored low powder vinyl gloves and keep your workplace and employees protected and safe every time they work.

Select your new range of bulk disposable vinyl gloves now and access wholesale pricing!

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