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Hand dryers are a good choice for commercial bathrooms because you don’t need to constantly refill paper towels and you remove the hazard and waste of paper towels strewn across the bathroom floor.

There are lots of commercial hand dryers on the market in Australia, and Multi range has the edge when it comes to efficient hand dryers with style and durability. We offer slim line hand dryers, low noise hand dryers and industrial hand dryers.
Hand Dryers That Suits Wide Variety of Environments
If you have a busy office, or retail space which has people near the bathroom, you should invest in a low noise hand dryer. This will reduce the constant hum coming from the bathroom which can be distracting, annoying, and its own form of noise pollution. Choose a low noise hand dryer with enough power to dry hands quickly and quietly. Low noise hand dryers are also great for disabled bathrooms, where loud noises can trigger anxiety in users.

If you have a high foot traffic bathroom, it is wise to invest in a high quality hand dryer that will offer maximum comfort to users and minimum maintenance for you and your cleaning team. The Veltia Tri-Blade stands alone as a hand dryer that ticks all the boxes. Slim line design, low noise can dry hands within 6-8 seconds! The unit has odor removing micro ban technology and offers superior hygiene benefits. What’s more is that the unit is designed with cleaners in mind. The molded unit needs cleaning less frequently than other slim line hand dryer. Multi range also offer the unit in a range of cool colors!

Most people are good, but facility managers know that when there is a public space, there are usually one or two people that like to try and wreck it. If you are managing public space washrooms, look for a hand dryer that is built with and anti-vandal design. Molded parts which vandals are not tempted to break off and sealed areas making it hard to them to grip and break.

Multi range is the go-to for commercial hand dryer in Australia. Check out our amazing wholesale discounts!



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