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The Best Floor Cleaning Chemicals for Commercial Cleaners


Professional cleaners know that there are different cleaning chemicals for different jobs and that you need to choose one that cleans effectively and safely.  There are standard floor cleaning chemicals, but also tougher cleaning liquids such as degreasers. Multi range is your number one online cleaning supplier for all types of floor cleaning chemicals.


Liquid Floor Cleaning Chemicals

All cleaning chemicals must be stored and used according to manufacturer guidelines.  The directions on wholesale commercial floor cleaning chemicals are there to protect the flooring and more importantly the person who is using the floor cleaning chemical. Manufacturers will also have MSDS sheets for certain chemicals so that you and your cleaning team know exactly what chemicals they are dealing with. Buy buying cleaning chemicals and liquids in bulk you can access great wholesale pricing and store until required.


Bulk Floor Cleaning Chemical Suppliers

Multi range website has the entire floor cleaning supplies at wholesale pricing which is hard to beat. Because we operate online only we can pass on greater discounts. Multi range only sell the highest quality floor cleaning chemicals, degreasers and cleaning liquids so that your cleaning jobs can shine clean and fresh with an effective and safe clean. There are a wide range of cleaning chemicals to choose from depending on the job at hand and type of flooring. If you aren’t sure which is the best floor cleaning chemical to use, ask one of our Multi range experts online who can help you make the right choice, without damaging the floor.


Choose Multi range for the best floor cleaning chemicals at wholesale unbeatable prices!



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