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Shop for the Quality Commercial Cleaning Janitor Trolley and Carts

Cleaners, kitchen staff, factories and industrial premises are just some of the places which require a sturdy, easy to push janitor trolleys and carts.  Cleaners use them to transport crockery and cups from kitchenettes and office desks to dishwashers, hospitality staff use them to carry and transport in-room amenities and also laundry. In fact many different places use janitorial trolley, even your local library and schools!

Our Range of Laundry Trolleys

Multi range has all sorts of laundry trolleys, cleaner’s trolleys, janitorial trolleys and commercial cleaning carts for all kinds of uses. They come with toughened wheels and storage shelves and bags so your staff can work quickly, efficiently and above all safely.  Some have removable bags and others have a scissor design for easy storage when not in use. Whether you need a trolley with high capacity for cleaning, or a specially designed hotel amenities cart, Multi range has you covered.

Best Priced Commercial Cleaning Carts

Of all the commercial cleaning tools, a cleaner trolley is a commercial cleaning tool which should not be chosen on price alone! If you choose a knock-off or cheap version with no promise of performance, you are putting your staff at risk of an accident or nasty injury.

Ensure that the cleaner’s trolley is very stable and not too high as to tip or fall over. Be sure that overstocking cannot occur.  Check the handles, do they have good grip and are the handles molded so they won’t come off in the users hand should a heavy or bulky load be pulled along. The wheels also need inspection. Are they well designed and all travel in the same direction? We have all experienced the annoyance of a shopping cart with a rogue wheel, having one on a cleaners or laundry trolley can cause a real problem.

Multi range also offer bulk discounts for multiple orders at already wholesale pricing, offering you safety, quality and price in one essential commercial cleaning tool.



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