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Buy Cheap Laundry Chemicals at Wholesale Prices

The laundry chemicals commercial cleaners and hospitality workers use is extremely important. Yes, they need to offer superior cleaning and sparkling whites, but they also need to remove stubborn stains without irritating skin, or giving off an overpowering bleach or chemical smell.  The feel of the fabric for customers and those who will be using towels and slipping into bed sheets needs to be soft to touch and comfortable also. Whether its gym towels, blankets for a childcare centre or bed sheets for a hotel or AirBnB, the type of laundry cleaning chemicals and stain removers you use is highly important.

Multi range is your go to website for all your laundry chemical needs. We offer high quality laundry detergents and highly effective bleaches to deliver an outstanding laundry service.

Our Range of Laundry Cleaning Chemicals

Bleach has been used for many years as an effective laundry cleaning chemical. Select Multi Range’s high quality bleaches and keep it as a general all-rounder cleaning chemical. Our Highly effective bleaches are best used on whites only and you should avoid using bleach on colored laundry.

Buy Effective Stain Removers at Wholesale Price

Multi range has selected a core range of stain removers specifically designed for commercial laundry cleaning and hospitality laundry rooms. Our stain removers can be used as a paste for stubborn stains, a soak to bring dull whites back to life and in every wash to have sheets and towels white and bright after every single wash. Multi range also offer nappy powders and nappy soaks for child care centres that choose to use re-usable nappies. Our nappy powders are designed to activate immediately and get to work the moment the laundry cycle begins.

Multi range is an Australian owned and operated cleaning supplies company who can cater for all of your cleaning needs.



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