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Tips on Choosing the Right Garbage Bags


Start by considering the site in which you’ll use these waste receptacles. Is it your home or an office? A kitchen or the living room? A place that generates a lot of trash or a little? Specific waste materials will require different bags. For example, if you’re buying for a café, you can buy special bags to dispose of coffee grounds. If you need bags for yard work, you might need heavy duty garbage bags that won’t rip easily if filled with sharp sticks.



How big is your garbage can? You’ll want to match the bag to your bin as closely as possible. If you can’t find the exact size, it’s better to go slightly above. Wholesale garbage bags can come in sizes that tell you how much they hold (in liters or gallons), or how big they are in physical length and width. The bags’ measurements are two numbers: the first one is the width of the bag when it’s laid flat (half the circumference), and the second is the length. Ideally the liner should hang about 4-5 inches over the side of the can. To measure your can, take lengths of all four sides of a square/rectangular can, or measure the diameter of a round can and multiply by 3.14.



The most important thing to consider in your purchase of garbage bags is durability. After all, an attractive or handle-tied bag will be of no comfort when your items are spilled all over the floor. Consider the waste product and ask yourself, do you need a high density or low density bag? High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) bags are best used for heavier jobs. They are suitable for office environments and holding paper, or dense yard waste like dirt or grass. They are less resistant to tearing, so if you’ll be throwing away things that have sharp edges you’ll want to avoid them. HDPE bags are measured in microns, with more microns equaling greater strength. They are also resistant to high and low temperatures. In contrast, Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) bags are better for jobs requiring a resistance to tears. You can use them for yard work and feel confident that poky bits won’t tear the bag. The trade off is that they hold less weight. LDPE bags are measured in mils (one thousandth of an inch) and are more common than HDPE ones.



The most common colors for trash bags are black and white. Black bags are also the least expensive because they can be made with the most recyclable material. They help keep what’s in your bag discrete and match well with stainless steel cans. White bags, by contrast, are popular because they blend in nicely with their surroundings and are unobtrusive. Clear bags are another popular option.



If you’d prefer not to deal with plastic or wire ties to close your bin liners, you can buy them with attached drawstring ties or handles. Some bags also come with flap ties for easy sealing. Choosing these types of liners over others is simply a matter of personal preference, but these ties can assist with closure as well as reduce your contact with the trash itself.



The price difference on a per bag basis will not seem great when comparing vendors. However, if you’re buying in bulk for a business that generates a large amount of trash, the cost will add up. It’s worth it to do some research and figure out which company will offer the best deal. Buying wholesale garbage bags can be a money saving endeavor.


Additional Considerations

If your trash will be stored outside where animals may have access to it, take this into account when purchasing from a garbage bag supplier. Whereas a drawstring bag might seem like a safe and secure choice when placed at a curb, these ties can loosen over time. It’s better to invest in a durable bag and a plastic or wire twist tie. Depending on preference, you can also choose to buy bags that are designed to reduce odor, or made out of environmentally friendly materials.


Clinical Waste/Other Sensitive Waste

It’s of vital importance that you separate certain clinical or medical waste from other trash. Current safety recommendations dictate that this material, such as used syringes, used paper products, blood bags, items like sanitary napkins etc. must be disposed of in the proper way. In other words, placed in the proper receptacle and handled by professionals. In addition, harmful chemicals such as acid, oil or bleach must be disposed of in approved receptacles and labeled with care. Garbage that has been handled improperly can result in air contamination and release methane gases. This can cause a public health risk if people breathe the bad air, and also cause damage to the ozone layer.


Manage Your Waste Properly

Garbage bags are of the utmost importance in keeping your home or business clean and hygienic. Improper handling of trash can result in all sorts of headaches and mess, both literal and figurative. Once you’ve figured out which vendor to use, and which bag will best suit your purposes, you can feel at ease knowing your home or business is handling waste in the best way possible.



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