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The Best Ways To Remove Difficult Stains From Carpets

It is much easier to take care of stains when they’re fresh. A common natural instinct is to rub the stained area of the carpet with a wet cloth. Strictly avoid this, as it actually pushes the spilled substance deep into the fibers of the carpet. Use a clean dry cloth or paper towels to blot the stain instead, absorbing as much as possible. Make sure the cloth is white or colorfast.

Patch Test

Always test cleaning products on a small portion of your carpet in a hidden corner to ensure that they are harmless. Also, protect your hands with gloves since you never know which cleaning chemicals could trigger skin allergies.

Cleaning Up

Use carpet cleaning supplies for the best results, and follow the instructions on the bottle to prepare the solution. If there is none at hand, spray a home-made mixture of water and colorless dishwashing liquid over the stained carpet area, leaving it to soak for five to ten minutes. Do not spray too much solution, or it will seep into the padding under the carpet. Always use cold water; hot water can cause some stains, like blood, to set faster. Blot the area once again with a clean, dry cloth and watch the stubborn stain gradually come off. It is important not to leave the carpet moist as it can attract dirt and dust. You might need to spray the solution and blot it away a second time for stains that have been around longer.

Further Cleaning

For more stubborn stains that have not completely disappeared, dab a mixture of one part white vinegar and two parts water on the stained carpet area. White vinegar cleans up any leftover stain as well as gets rid of cleaning chemical residue that could attract dirt in the future. Wait for ten minutes before blotting it with a clean dry cloth or paper towel. A vacuum cleaner meant for wet use can also be used to get rid of excess moisture.

Non-Liquid Stains

If you have gum stuck on the carpet, spread a teaspoon of peanut butter over it. After two minutes, pull up the gum and the peanut butter with a clean, wet cloth. Clean the area by spraying a cleaning chemical, allowing it to soak and then blotting it up. To remove wax stains, first scrape up the dry wax with a spoon. Next, place a paper bag over the stained area and move a slightly warm iron over it. The melting wax will stick to the paper bag. Replace a saturated bag with a clean one until all the wax has come off the carpet.


Follows these tips to have a beautiful, stain-free carpet. Depending on the nature and frequency of stains, it is good to call in a professional cleaning company once or twice a year.



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