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The Environmental Benefits Of Bamboo Derived Washroom Paper

Why Use Bamboo Derived Washroom Products?

Since bamboo is one of the fast-growing plants on earth — with the capability of growing up to 100 cm a day — it can be harvested for use every three years. Furthermore, bamboo has anti-bacterial properties, which means the use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers is not necessary. This greatly reduces the use of gardening chemicals that pollute the environment and harm wildlife. Bamboo is also tolerant to drought-like conditions and requires little or no irrigation. Additionally, bamboo plantations create an abundance of photosynthesis, which helps reduce greenhouse gases.

What About Recycled Washroom Products?

Most toilet paper available to consumers is made from recycled-content tree pulp or virgin tree pulp. Using virgin tree pulp has a negative impact on our environment and results in deforestation while recycled-content tree pulp contains BPAs, which can contaminate ground water. The recycled paper used for bathroom tissue is thrown into a large vat with other recycled paper — such as thermal glossy paper that is coated with BPA-containing plastic — where it is de-inked and re-pulped. When the recycled toilet paper is flushed down the toilet and into the wastewater system, the BPAs begin to build up and contaminate the ground water. Various studies conducted at universities from around the world have shown a connection between BPAs in recycled bath tissue and BPAs in tap water. Bamboo’s ability to grow fast means bamboo can eliminate the problems with BPA contamination in recycled tissue paper. Bamboo derived washroom paper products are by far the superior choice for consumers concerned with the impact on our environment and the potential toxins contaminating water.

A leader in the field of sugarcane bagasse and bamboo derived paper products is an Australian based company, KCrown who are increasingly being renowned for their innovative, high quality range of “Green Choice” products. They manufacture a wide range of paper products including toilet tissue, paper hand towels, facial tissues as well as degradable bin liners.

When you buy bamboo-derived products, you are taking a stand and saving the lives of thousands of trees. It may not seem like much, but by switching to bamboo derived washroom paper products, you are helping to restore our damaged environment and preserve the future of the planet.



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