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Oil Stains

Oil Stains

What is the best way to clean oil stains off concrete?

Have you ever gone past a gorgeous house with incredible landscaping and picture-perfect details all around the home, only to see multiple stains all around their driveway? It really can detract from the beauty of a home, no matter which kinds of stains are present. Well there are some really simple and inexpensive alternatives to concrete cleaning companies that can help you remove those unsightly stains and bring your driveway back to pristine condition.


Type of Stains

You need to use different cleaners depending on what type of stains you have. For example, there are many easy ways to remove oil and grease from concrete that will not work if you are trying to remove rust or discoloration. Each stain requires a slightly different approach to cleaning it up.


Oil-based Stains

The easiest methods for removing stains from concrete, such as motor oil or grease, all involve scrubbing a substance into the stain, letting it sit and then rinsing it off when done. The first method is using WD-40 on the stain generously. You can also try using oven cleaner on the stain instead of the WD-40. After either of these is scrubbed into the stain, allow them to sit for 10-15 minutes and then rinse them thoroughly. Your stain should rinse away with the water. Another alternative is using a thin layer of cat litter scrubbed into the oil and then using a cola-based soft drink on the stain, also scrubbed in. After this combination sits for about 15 minutes, rinse it away, and you should see incredible results.


Rust or Discolored Stains

Baking soda is a great product that can assist with many different discoloured stains on concrete, including berry staining. For those with more stubborn stains like varnish or paint, mixing one cup of ammonia into 4 litre of water and using that on the stain should do the trick. Just make sure you rinse it really well when done.


Chemical Products

There are also some products that can be bought from a hardware store that will help in the removal of many different stains. One product that can help with a lot of stains, no matter what type of stain you have, is a multipurpose floor cleaner or floor cleaner degreaser.  These products cost more than their more natural alternatives, but they are said to be quite effective.

No matter what type of stain you are facing, there are ways to remove them with just a little elbow grease. All you have to do is get a couple of inexpensive ingredients and have a little patience with each stain. After just a few short minutes, you should be able to remove all of your stains, returning your concrete to its original condition!



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