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Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

Range of Backpack Vacuum Cleaner for Commercial Environment

Backpack vacuum cleaner is highly innovative and efficient solution when it comes to remove all of the dust and small particles from the carpets and surfaces. These vacuums are so convenient and easy to use. It will give you the freedom to move freely and make your vacuuming process easier as it was never before.

At Multi Range, our backpack vacuums are designed for powerful and quick vacuum cleaning of high traffic areas, such as airports offices department stores resorts showrooms schools malls and theatres. We have different options of quality commercial backpack vacuums that includes Pacvac super pro 700, Pullman Vacuum PV900, Pacvac thrift, Nilfisk gd5 vacuum cleaner and much more.

Backpack vacuums are much more suitable when it’s come to taking up the stairs; use them with shoulder strap & waist harness. This will reduce the weight on your shoulders and back and make them easy to carry. We also offer a variety of backpack vacuum cleaner parts replacement motors, dust bags, leads, dome lid, carpet turnover floor tool and much more to give you the one stop cleaning solution.

Usability of Backpack Vacuum

Keeping your carpets clean with a Commercial backpack vacuum cleaner has never been this easier. From coaches to cinemas, bookshelves to supermarket aisles, there are certain places where a traditional vacuum cleaner simply becomes impractical and a commercial backpack vacuum cleaner does what is required. 

The mobility offered by backpack vacuum makes dusting, cleaning vents and blinds and vacuuming stairs a breeze. It offers maximum comfort and mobility when it comes to cleaning tight spaces with a backpack vacuum Australia wide.

Benefits of Backpack Vacuum

Backpack vacuum cleaners do not need to be pulled around on the floor and save you much time and energy. While wearing backpack vacuum cleaners you can easily move around the space and it helps in eliminating the issue of power getting in the way of cleaning your feet. This new backpack vacuum cleaner is designed to keep noise to an absolute minimum. Use of a commercial backpack vacuum cleaner results in reduced labour costs for businesses.

Affordable Pricing

Purchasing a commercial backpack vacuum is generally a big investment. We offer the best value and prices to our customers. All of our pricing is negotiable for bulk purchasing that allows you to select what you want to pay. We deliver our products all around Australia.

Want To Make Order For Bulk Purchasing of Backpack Vacuums?

To get negotiable pricing over the bulk purchases, get in touch with the team of Multi Range. You can call us on 1300 472 47687. Alternatively, you can email us at [email protected]. Our customer friendly team will be glad to help you.



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