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Buying the Right Commercial Toilet Paper Dispenser

Key Attributes of Commercial Dispensers

Most typically, a commercial toilet paper dispenser will be installed in a public or otherwise shared restroom, such as those designated for use by employees in a place of business. These dispensers are different from basic residential units in several notable ways. They usually contain multiple rolls of toilet tissue and are generally compatible with the types of rolls which are specifically designed for commercial use. Many units are designed with key access for replenishment purposes, and are constructed to withstand much more use when compared to their residential counterparts.

Cost Considerations

Outfitting restrooms can be a very expensive process, particularly for locations large enough to have more than one each for men and women. For this reason, cost can definitely be an important consideration when browsing through various toilet tissue dispenser commercial options. On average, units made from plastic will be cheaper versus similar stainless steel options. It is wise to factor in the expected costs of all other necessary fixtures for the restrooms being outfitted in order to determine your budget. After you have accurately established your price range, you can narrow down your field of options.

Functionality Factors

Another item which should of focus is the actual functionality of the dispenser. For example, many are built to counteract wasted supplies by way of spindles which do not allow for a full, uninterrupted spinning motion. This is an excellent means of keeping toilet paper from piling up on the floor, which can save you money in the long run. Some multi-roll units are designed so that when the primary roll has run out, a new one will automatically shift into place. Each type of toilet paper roll dispenser features its own benefits, making it possible to find one to suit any environment.

Frequency of Restroom Service

Take into account the expected frequency of restroom servicing throughout the day. Locations which are not tended to as often are good candidates for dispensers with multiple or jumbo roll capacity, thereby reducing the need for frequent replenishment. In terms of restroom cleaning, most plastic toilet paper units can stand up to a variety of different cleaners, although they can also be more susceptible to damage or defacement. Stainless steel fixtures are tougher to vandalize, and should be cleaned using specific agents that will not negatively impact the surface.

Aesthetic Considerations

The type of establishment that the bathrooms are located in should play a part in deciding what type of toilet paper dispenser to install. Visually, the type of fixture which functions adequately in a gas station lavatory may look out of place in the restroom of a hotel lobby, for example. A room that is intended for a functional purpose is still a part of the building nonetheless, and as such should reflect the overall look and feel to some extent. This is particularly true for upscale locations which place a premium on details and design elements.

Space Restraints

It is important that the physical characteristics of a bathroom’s stalls be factored in to the final decision. Determine whether your toilet paper roll dispenser will be mounted on a solid wall, or if partitioning walls will be used for this purpose. Some units combine multiple functions, such as toilet tissue service and disposable toilet seat covers in a single fixture. This can be of particular benefit when mounting space is limited, and can also save you money versus purchasing and installing a greater number of separate fixtures.

Dispenser Security

Especially in the cases of bathrooms which are open to the public, the security of a dispensing unit must be given thought. Most commercial fixtures feature lock and key access to reduce instances of theft. This end is also achieved through security spindles, which are designed to make removal of toilet paper rolls much more difficult until they are empty and ready to be discarded. This category is also another one where stainless steel options trump plastic, simply due to their superior strength and resistance to impact.

Sanitary Considerations

If you are purchasing a toilet tissue dispenser for a women’s restroom, you might opt for a model which incorporates a compartment for disposal of sanitary napkins. This provides the dual benefit of cleanliness and convenience, and once again offers an opportunity to reduce the total number of bathroom fixtures needed overall. Having fewer fixtures to acquire means more savings in the end. You might even consider taking some of those savings and applying them to a higher-end tissue dispenser, such as those with a satin or chrome finish for greater visual impact.

Additional Purchasing Considerations

There are a host of other considerations one might make when purchasing a commercial toilet paper dispenser. For those who are interested in minimizing environmental impact, many dispensers make use of recycled stainless steel or other reused materials in their construction. Keep your eye on product warranties, and always try to buy from a reputable company who will be able to provide customer service if at all necessary. After all, it can be tough to locate replacement parts for a particular toilet paper roll dispenser if it is no longer being manufactured.

Although there are certainly many different aspects to consider before coming to a decision, the purchase of a commercial toilet paper dispenser should be a fairly rare need. That is why it makes sense to take your time and review from all angles, in order to be sure that you acquire the best fixtures for your application. Always remember to factor in pricing, aesthetic appeal, the units functionality, and how tough you require it to be in combating theft. Save yourself a potential headache in the future make the right call on your new toilet paper fixture today.



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