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Interleaved Hand Towel

Wholesale Interleaved Paper Hand Towels Online


Interleaved towels are paper hand towels which come out one by one that limits the amount of paper towel which can be pulled out and reducing the temptation to take too much product. Buying bulk interleaved hand towel means that high use cleaning item that can be purchased online at incredibly cheap prices. Compact hand towels can be wrapped neatly and tightly onto pallets and delivered straight to your door.

Paper Hand Towels in Different Formats 

Paper hand towel tend to be hit and miss with some batches being folded incorrectly or of poor thickness so that dispensers either get jammed, or the paper towels slip through the dispenser and fall to floor causing waste, lost money and a slip hazard.

Look for ultra slim hand towels and compact paper hand towels that are highly absorbent. They should be strong and enough to dry wet hands without breaking and comfortable to the touch. There are now eco-friendly hand towel options available which support the environment too.

Buy Cheap Interleaved Hand Towels

The cheapest bulk interleaved hand towel can be purchased through Multi Range at the best prices around. We have eco-friendly hand towels, ultra slim hand towels, rolls towels and compact paper hand towels. We offer a paper towel solution for any clean up situation and budget!



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