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General Cleaning Chemicals, Cleaners Can Trust

Whether you are cleaning your home, or commercial premises, you need a high quality multipurpose cleaner which can deliver superior hygiene and a bright cleaning which cuts through dirt, debris, grease and marks. By choosing an environmentally friendly general cleaning company you are not only caring for the environment, but you will also be using a multipurpose cleaning chemical which is low irritant for your staff.

Multi range offer a cleaning chemical, safe to use in both domestic and commercial style situations.

Quality Multipurpose Cleaning Chemicals

A good multipurpose cleaner needs to do just that!  It needs to deliver a hygienic clean by thoroughly disinfecting the area. They should have a pleasant, not overpowering fragrance and preferably a neutral PH level which is low irritant, avoiding allergies and reactions and kind to the skin. A good general purpose cleaning chemical should also perform well across all kinds of surfaces such as kitchen benches, floors, stainless steel, bathrooms and glass.

Buy Cheap General Purpose Cleaning Chemicals

Multi range sell only the best wholesale general cleaning chemicals and multipurpose cleaners. Our safe, high performing and low PH cleaning chemicals deliver consistent performance across a wide variety of uses. They are safe to be used in care homes, hospitals and child care facilities. General cleaning chemicals bought through Multi range are not only some of the best performing multipurpose cleaners, but they are also available at a reduced wholesale price with further discounts available on bulk orders.  

A general cleaning chemical is a standard product that every cleaner should use for an efficient hygienic cleaning service without skin irritation or damage to the environment.



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